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"My experience with Lauren Glick as a trainer has been incredible! I started working with her in April 2019 and over the last year I have had such a positive experience with working out and pushing myself to places I did not know I could go. Her one-on-one training has been such a huge help for someone like me who tends to be insecure about what I am doing and ultimately keeps me from wanting to try new things and new exercises. My goals that I put forward to her were weight loss, strengthening, and muscle toning. She tailored my workouts perfectly to my goals. Her focus on body weight exercise and high intensity interval training has been so great for my body and overall energy level. I almost immediately started to see fat loss and strengthening of my muscles as we started our sessions. After a year of strong effort and lifestyle changes, I am down 25 pounds and still losing! Not only does Lauren bring her fitness and training expertise to her sessions, but equally if not more importantly, her positive outlook on life is contagious. Her challenges in her past have made her so strong and she has become such an incredible example of how to move forward in the face of personal and/or professional challenges. No matter how tired I may be, as soon as I get to a session her high energy and smiling face puts me in the mood to work hard and sweat. She is so encouraging and has the perfect approach to pushing her clients to go harder without coming across intimidating or demanding. Feeling comfortable and not being afraid to fail at something new was a major barrier that I had to overcome when I started training, and her support was the only reason I have been able to do that. The confidence that I have gained working out has spilled over to my personal life as well, and I am so thankful for that. Working with Lauren has been a wonderful experience and I am so excited to see her conquer the world and continue to motivate and impact women’s lives in the future. "

Cheryl C.

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